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Gwadar Emerging Into a Tourism Heaven of South Asia

The emerging economic hub of Pakistan with its all luring prospects of Tax Free Business Friendly Environment is strategically set to become a center of tourism. The Spellbinding Natural Guise of Gwadar coupled with thrilling infrastructure will maintain flow of foreign money through tourism.

Tourism Potential of Gwadar as per Smart Port City Master Plan

Gwadar is known for its mesmerizing natural sights of white sand dunes, wide spreading coastline and the most scenic seashore. All of this natural beauty is emerging into future hub of tourism with the coming wave of infrastructure as per the Newly Launched Smart Port City Master Plan. The Master Plan of Gwadar entails huge infrastructural developments producing massive potential for tourism in years to come.

Smart Port City Plan boots the Tourism Potential of Gwadar equipping with Biggest International Airport of Country, skyscrapers, international exhibition centers, various theme parks, super luxurious five star resorts, botanical gardens, museums, crescent shaped man-made island, grand theaters, concert halls, cultural exchange centers, lakeside shopping mall, golden beaches, Leisure Promenades and cruise ships linking to Muscat, Dubai, Doha, Bahrain and Jeddah.

The man-made crescent shaped island will be built with $10 billion dollar cost representing Pakistan’s flag moon and star forming city’s Central Business District. This island will be positioned at Marine Drive side stretching towards Zero Point on the Coastal Highway.

Gwadar to be Pakistan’s First Weapon-Free City as per Master Plan 2019

With all the efforts of Pakistan and China, Gwadar is Developing into Business Hub and home to thousands of tourists from all across the globe. In order to make the port city safe place to live, work and enjoy, government has announced it to be a weapon-free city equipping it with highest international standards security system.

This robust security system of Gwadar will be created via highest level of urban security mechanism of CCTV, vehicle management, urban video and alarm networks and police management programs.

This massive business and tourism activities planned for the Port City will create a super bustling environment resulting into huge Demand for Housing. Since the new NOC is banned for the last five years and private sector is not yet delivering sufficiently, a massive increment will be witnessed in property rates of Gwadar in days to come.

Watch the video to know the short term land investment in Gwadar as per Master Plan 2019.

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