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Gwadar Maps

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Jaidad Gwadar – Know Us

Gwadar Jaidad is a Gwadar real estate information site offering free Gwadar updates and CPEC news. We also offer attractive investment options in Gwadar land.  Gwadar Jaidad is a renowned name in Gwadar real estate market. We are reputable for our free and fair real estate consultancy to both local and overseas customers.

Gwadar is as a game changer for entire region and no wonder its receiving an overwhelming reception by investors of all sizes worldwide. At the same time Gwadar real estate market being in sort of pre-launch state brings challenges and concerns. We become eyes and ears for our clients and help them pick smart investments suiting their goals and budget.

Gwadar Videos

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Gwadar Mouzas Google Map

Currently Gwadar is comprised of multiple Mouzas to understand for choosing the right investment location in Gwadar. Different Gwadar Mouzas function like blocks for the division of Gwadar. Every Mouza has its own investment potential depending on the location.

Its important to know the locations of MouzaJat in order for better investment. Picking the right investment site is paramount and thus Gwadar MouzaJat requires your attention to understand Gwadar adequately.

You can get the details of Gwadar MouzaJat by the given Google map button to overview in which Mouza your property lies or which one you should choose to make investment. Here are the exact locations and surroundings of every Mouza inGwadar.

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Fibre Optic Cable Installed in Gwadar – Latest Development Update December 2020

Gwadar Port is now digitalized with the installation of Fibre Optic Cable ushering in era of...

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Second Afghan Transit Cargo of DAP at Gwadar Port – Latest Update

Gwadar Port received second Afghan transit vessel of DAP on this Tuesday. The transit trade...

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Afghan Fertilizers Cargo Berths at Gwadar Port – Update December 2020

Since Gwadar Port has kicked off transit trade, couple of days back a ship carrying DAP Fertilizers...

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Inauguration of Highway in Gwadar – Latest Development Update

Gwadar is in news for rapid escalation of developments and latest news is about the construction of...

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Development of Gwadar Projects is on Priority List – Update December 2020

5th meeting of Joint Working Group (JWG) on Gwadar held on 30th November to assess development on...

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