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Afghan Fertilizers Cargo Berths at Gwadar Port – Update December 2020

Since Gwadar Port has kicked off transit trade, couple of days back a ship carrying DAP Fertilizers for Afghanistan docked at Gwadar Port. Gwadar Port has the shortest distance in the region for Afghan transit. Pakistan given go ahead to Afghan Transit Trade from Gwadar Port in very start of 2020.

22,000 Tons Fertilizers of Afghan Transit Cargo Docked at Gwadar Port – Latest Update

Journey of Commercial Trade is Commenced at Gwadar Port. Transit to Afghanistan opened with the arrival of Strategic Endeavor cargo ship carrying 22,000 Tons fertilizers of Afghan trade. The consignment arrived at Gwadar Port on December 9, 2020.

This shipment is a part of coordinated efforts between Pakistan Customs and the Ministry of Commerce and Maritime. The fertilizers cargo left to Afghanistan after being loaded on bonded trucks instead of containerized cargo and custom dept. says this new initiative will be generating employment for logistics companies and labor services promoting trade facilitation.

Transit Trade from Gwadar Port will play a dynamic part to enhance regional naval connectivity along with ensuring national security and boosting Pakistan’s economy.

Initiation of Commercial Trade at Gwadar Port to Boost Businesses in Gwadar

The begging of commercial transit from Gwadar Port is opening of gateway to business entities in Gwadar having a drastic impact on Gwadar real estate especially the commercial and industrial sectors. The demand for commercial and industrial land is already hiking since Gwadar is announced to be the Mega Business Hub of Pakistan.

The Increasing Development in Gwadar City and at the port is further appealing business community fetching investments and with the Initiation of Trade from the Port, this upsurge isn’t going to stop anywhere. All of the abovementioned aspects hint it to be the best time to immediately invest in commercial land in Gwadar. Watch the video to know one of the best investment option of the time located close to Main Jinnah Avenue Gwadar.

Click Here to Watch Video

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