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Jinnah Avenue Gwadar Best Commercial Land Investment – Master Plan 2019

Jinnah Avenue Gwadar Best Commercial Land Investment – Master Plan 2019

Gwadar Master Plan 2019 bestows highest investment potential to Commercial Land at Jinnah Avenue Gwadar. This 20 kilometers long main artery is dedicated for high rise commercial similar as Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai. Land Category B alongside Jinnah Avenue Gwadar shows this prestigious commercial land.

Best Commercial Land Gwadar New Master Plan – Jinnah Avenue Gwadar

Gwadar New Master Plan Land Category B located at both sides of Jinnah Avenue Gwadar is Business and Commercial land which you will get informed about in this blog. Gwadar Master Plan 2019 has set an evaluating parameter for properties so commercial land at Jinnah Avenue Gwadar also requires analysis in same prospect.

Land Category B at Jinnah Avenue Gwadar – Commercial Land Investment

Jinnah Avenue Gwadar starts from the famous roundabout of New Town Gwadar. Then leading ahead passing through the heart of Gwadar, Jinnah Avenue Gwadar meets proposed Northern Bypass Gwadar.

Land Use Planning Map of Gwadar Master Plan 2019 shows dark red land blocks at both sides of Jinnah Avenue Gwadar. This color indicates business and commercial land category in Master Plan of port city. Business and Commercial Land at Jinnah Avenue Gwadar is surrounded by Residential Land blocks and Existing Area blocks.

Jinnah Avenue Gwadar is considered best commercial investment in Pakistan right now as it promises mammoth returns in times to come just as of Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai.

Jinnah Avenue Gwadar Commercial Land – Location Overview

Jinnah Avenue Gwadar is a main artery of a total length of 20 kilometers and now this main road is fully developed with its best commercial land investments. Commercial land alongside Jinnah Avenue Gwadar doesn’t only get benefits of being located at the biggest main artery of the city but CPEC prospects also come into play increasing the fame and value of this B Land Category.

Budget Criteria for Commercial Land Investment – Jinnah Avenue Gwadar

Jinnah Avenue Gwadar high rise commercial land is the best and safest place with amazing returns in future. For those who have budget around 20 to 30 million Rupees and want to buy commercial land in Gwadar especially by investment point of view, Jinnah Avenue Land Category B is ideal option for them.

Watch the video to know more about Jinnah Avenue Gwadar Investment.



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