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Gwadar New Master Plan Map

Gwadar New Master Plan is now Officially Launched by the Government of Balochitan after getting approval from higher authorities. Gwadar Master Plan 2019 comes with multiple colors that indicate different land zones and categories. We have comprehensively described each land zone in our videos and blogs.

Gwadar New master plan is an overall development program of Gwadar from now to up till 2050. Master Plan divides this development period into three phases i.e. short term development, medium term development and long term development. These development phases also provide guidance to pick investment options in Gwadar.

Nearly 70 percent of Gwadar land is left untouched without any activity mentioned on it and this area is named as Reserve Land. Since Gwadar Master Plan 2019 is a complete developing program of Gwadar, the reserve area will be utilized as per the real time requirements of the port city.

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