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Gwadar New Master Plan Approved by Balochistan Government

Gwadar New Master Plan Approved by Balochistan Government

Gwadar New Master Plan was revealed in Pak China Youth Conclave after being approved by the Cabinet. Layout and planning agenda of Gwadar City has also been unveiled after the launch of Gwadar New Master Plan. There were still many rumors that Gwadar New Master Plan is again delayed or not been officially launched. Recently Chief Minister Jam Kamal posted a Tweet that washed out all such speculations.

Chief Minister Balochistan Announces the Approval of Gwadar New Master Plan

Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal has recently posted a Tweet that shot down all the rumors about the launch of Gwadar New Master Plan. Jam Kamal said that the provincial government had finally approved the much awaited Gwadar New Master Plan to provide relief to the residents of Gwadar.

“The final map of the Gwadar master plan has been issued. It wasn’t approved in Islamabad or Quetta, but in Gwadar during the governing body meeting,” Jam Kamal wrote in a tweet.

Chief Minister Jam Kamal is also chairman of Gwadar Development Authority’s governing body. Jam Kamal said Gwadar New Master Plan would ensure the provision of a quality lifestyle for the population of Gwadar.

Gwadar New Master Plan Layout and City Planning Drafts

As aforementioned, layout and city planning agenda has also been launched after Gwadar New Master Plan was unveiled. Gwadar City planning program along with the layouts of the planning areas have been issued. This is a detailed rundown of Gwadar New Master Plan prospects regarding Development of Gwadar city and Gwadar Port.

Gwadar development planning graphs and Master Plan layouts are totally based on 74 pages out of which 27 Gwadar City planning layouts indicate the future shape of Smart Port City Gwadar. Since Gwadar New Master Plan is based on 3 phases of development, these layouts cover the overall development planning of Gwadar up till 2050.

Though Gwadar Master Plan has also brought several confusions and queries along with the wave of development, but we will keep posting the details of Gwadar Master Plan for the understanding of our readers.

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