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Gwadar Port Development Update

Gwadar Port Development Update

Gwadar Port has an essential role in CPEC program and government is paying special attention to its development. On Thursday August 29, a meeting between National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and Joint Working Group (JWG) was conducted to overview the Gwadar Port Development.

JWG Advancing Work on Gwadar Port Development

The development of Gwadar Port is been discussed between high government officials. Secretary Planning Zafar Hasan and Deputy Director-General of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) Gao Jin conducted a meeting of Joint Working Group on Thursday August 29.

In this meeting Development of Gwadar Port was emphasized to be advanced. JWG has decided to accelerate work on Gwadar Free Zone Phase –II, along with speeding up construction of 300 MW coal-fired power plant.

Since Gwadar Port Development majorly relying on electricity, the early completion of this coal-fired power plant will be good step to expedite Gwadar Port Development. The coal-fired power plant will generate electricity to fulfill development needs of Gwadar Port.

CPEC Projects to be completed on Time

While considering Gwadar Port Development, JWG also accessed the works on CPEC projects. Secretary Planning reaffirmed that federal and Balochistan governments are striving to accomplish development works of CPEC projects as soon as possible.

Previously Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal also reassured to boost CPEC development to complete all CPEC projects of Balochistan on time. While addressing the JWG meeting, Secretary Planning Zafar Hasan stated that Gwadar is the jewel of CPEC and government is keen to develop the port city as per most up to the minute development practices.

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