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Fibre Optic Cable Installed in Gwadar – Latest Development Update December 2020

Fibre Optic Cable Installed in Gwadar – Latest Development Update December 2020

Gwadar Port is now digitalized with the installation of Fibre Optic Cable ushering in era of advanced E-Custom. With laying down the Fibre Optic Cable in Gwadar, paperless custom procedure will smoothen out the trans-shipment process and that will boost the Trade Bustle at Gwadar Port.

Fibre Optic Cable to Improve Internet Connectivity in Gwadar Industrial Zones

Installation of Fibre Optic Cable will improve internet connectivity in Gwadar Industrial Areas and will upgrade custom procedure at Gwadar Port. Fibre Optic Cable system will support to attract more investments in Gwadar in consequence of enhanced commercial trade at the Port.

On Thursday December 17, 2020, Executive Vice President PTCL (Pakistan Tele Communication) Abdul Zahir Achakzai said that comprehending the need of connectivity infrastructure, company is taking several initiatives and installation of Fibre Optic Cable is one among them.

He was speaking at a meeting with industrialists at the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI).

“Installation of fiber optic cable has equipped Gwadar Port with high-tech web-based one customs (WeBOC) system of goods declaration and clearance,” GDA senior official said.

He also added that Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) completed the project of laying down the new fiber optic cable.

By the end of 2020, Gwadar has witnessed some contemporary development and Gwadar Jaidad has covered the most of it. Watch the video to see how the development works are going in the area.

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For more Gwadar and CPEC related news, keep visiting Gwadar Jaidad.



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