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Gwadar Port Business Prospects under CPEC

Gwadar has a significant repute in CPEC framework for Gwadar Port strategic and economic importance with its massive influence across the region. Gwadar Port is actually the key cause of CPEC setup as sea role is expanding in trade and economic affairs of globe.

The warm water deep sea port of Gwadar is ideally located at the mouth of Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz and holds 2/3 world oil reserves. Gwadar Port in CPEC programming largely aims the robust development of province with economic reinforcement of country and extensive scope for businesses.

Future of Businesses in Gwadar

Gwadar Port with its free zone offers tax free business opportunities coupled with golden future for investments in Gwadar real estate. All the plot of CPEC mainly relies on Gwadar Port enhancing its future value by all means. Gwadar has overwhelmed with worldwide response from multiple big brands invested to plant businesses here. Being a tax free zone for businesses and industries, Gwadar Free Zone is a luring deal for business entities.

Ever since the launch of CPEC, business industry in Gwadar Port is at boom. Banking industry has gained vigor, as various global groups have signed contracts to handle their finances in Gwadar. Moreover, international companies are seeking opportunities as per the requirements of port city, including the provision of water distillation solutions. With the completion of the Gwadar Port and CPEC, Gwadar will become the home to global businesses.

We have heard Saudi British and Korean giants investing in Gwadar grasping the bright future of businesses in Port City. Now, since government has further declared Tax Concession in Gwadar Free Zone, it will enhance the appeal for business community even more.

Role of Gwadar Port for Businesses in Gwadar

Gwadar Port is icing on the cake with the Gwadar free Zone for businesses. Through its deep-sea port, Gwadar has recognized China and Pakistan the objective of 21st century maritime silk route, which will benefit not only China and Pakistan but also Central Asia as being the region’s key entry point. This strategic location has made Gwadar the connecting port city benefiting the businesses by reducing the trade distance and so the expenditures.

Gwadar Port also involves development of shipping-related industries, oil storage, refinery and petrochemicals, export processing industrial zones etc. A desalination plant has been formed at Gwadar Port to supply 100,000 gallons/day of drinking water to ships calling Gwadar Port.

It further includes construction of several other uplift projects including the development of east-bay expressway, construction of seawalls, dredging of berthing areas & channels, Pak-China technical and vocational institute, infrastructure development for Gwadar Free Zone, the up-gradation of China-Pakistan friendship hospital, coal-based power plant at Gwadar and construction of Gwadar International Airport.

Vast array of trading, multiple business opportunities and tax exemption provides an ideal environment to traders, investors and business entities to do business in future commercial hub of Pakistan taking full advantage of deep sea Gwadar Port.

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