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Balochistan Launched Gwadar Master Plan 2050 – Latest Update

Government of Balochistan launched Gwadar Master Plan 2050 in which preservation of historical sites and old neighborhoods is the objective. With the launch of Gwadar Master Plan 2050, Balochistan government has given go ahead to GDA for development project in Gwadar city. GDA has already started work to restore and maintain Omani era sports venues.

Preservation of Historical Sites is Top Priority in Gwadar Master Plan 2050

On Thursday October17, Government of Balochistan launched Gwadar Master Plan 2050 which specified the preservation of old neighborhoods of Gwadar. Presentation of Gwadar Master Plan 2050 was to assure locals that no old neighborhoods will be relocated while restoring the antique sports and old status of the city.

Gwadar New Master Plan is been approved by the federal government and development as per the guiding of Master Plan is underway. First phase of Gwadar Development up till 2025 stipulates the basic infrastructure and road network including equipment of all living facilities in city.

GDA has started work based on first phase of Gwadar Development. While his talk on Thursday, GDA Chief Engineer Syed Muhammad Baloch expressed his resolve to restore ancient sports venues from Omani era in order to uphold the antique eminence of the city.

Gwadar Master Plan to Make Gwadar Eco-Friendly

Gwadar is the future commercial hub of Pakistan with huge trade and industrial activities planned for it. Gwadar Master Plan provides a perfect ecological function to control environmental hazards in future. In this regard GDA is working on greenery projects in Gwadar while a new greenbelt would be created for the people of Gwadar.

China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC) has already shown intent to plant One Million Trees in Gwadar. Last month, a delegation of COPHC also met Minister for Climate Change and settled plan to make Gwadar eco-friendly city.

GDA is intensified to establish an adequate green environment to curb adverse impacts of Gwadar Industrial Zone and environmental pollution in times to come. Major development works of establishing greenery and sewerage system have already been started in Gwadar.

The sewerage line project with a total cost of Rs507 million would be completed till the end of 2019. GDA Chief Engineer also asked people to cooperate with district administration in keeping the city clean.

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