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Construction of Breakwater, Boat Repair and Auction Hall in Gwadar – Development Update

Ministry of Maritime Affairs is planning a new project at East Bay (Demizer) Gwadar. The proposed project is about the construction of breakwater, boat repair and auction hall for the facilitation of fishermen in Gwadar. The project would be executed by 2021 with cost of Rs. 1,087,914 million.

Another Developmental Project under Planning at East Bay Gwadar – Latest Update

Going with the short term phase of Gwadar development under Smart Port City Master Plan, Ministry of Maritime Affairs has proposed another development project at East BAY Gwadar. This project comprised of around 1.65 km breakwater for boat parking of fishermen and an auction hall for trading purpose.

The project at East Bay Gwadar is planned under Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) and will be accomplished through GDA. Main purpose of the project is to facilitate those fishermen of Gwadar who have been driven out from the existing fish harbor to perform other developments by the Chinese Operator of the Port and Construction of East Bay Expressway.

Ministry believes the said development is essential to protect the fishing industry as the displacement of fishermen would adversely impact the business. Fishermen have also shown consent at the decided location and demanding for the early execution of project. Completion of the project will ensure the ease to fishing industry with the provision of parking space for boats with loading and unloading facilities for equipment.

Government to Fast Track Work on Shipyard in Gwadar – Latest Update

Since the Construction of Shipyard is Scheduled in Gwadar, the matter is under consideration and a meeting in this regard was held on Tuesday, February 4. This meeting of Senate Standing Committee on Defense Production was held under the chairmanship of Senator Lt Gen (R) Abdul Qayyum at the Parliament House.

Committee deliberated on the underway current status of the shipyard in Gwadar which will be the only ship constructing venue in region as there’s no ship building facility available throughout the gulf. With its ideal location for the construction of state of the art shipyard, Gwadar will not only contribute to the country’s commercial and defense pursuits but will also earn a lot of revenue through ship exports.

Committee stressed to fast track work on shipyard and decided to take up the matter to Government of Balochistan to expedite development for the early completion of project in set timeframe.

Watch the video to get the details of best commercial land at Jinnah Avenue Gwadar.

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