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Gwadar Development Progress February 2020 – Latest Update

It’s February 2020 and almost 6 months gone that Gwadar has commenced taking development under the guidelines of preliminary phase of Gwadar Master Plan. The first and short term phase of Gwadar Development is up till 2025 that aims shaping Gwadar into an appropriate place to live, work and travel.

Gwadar Development Update February 2020 – First Phase of Master Plan

Development in Gwadar is in full swing right after the Launch of Gwadar Master Plan and so far in February 2020, Progress in Developing Port City is really significant. Gwadar, once a remote fishing village is set to be Dubai and Shenzhen of Pakistan but it won’t be that early as perceived as currently the first phase of development is underway.

We need to retune our level of hopes and be realistic when expecting Gwadar to become Dubai overnight. Gwadar Master Plan covers overall development of Port City but in three different phases i.e. long, medium and short term while its short terms or first phase only covers 30% area of Gwadar.

Almost 6 months gone that Gwadar is undergoing first phase of development which aims equipping Gwadar with basic infrastructure and creating Short Term Investment Opportunities. Here are details of worth mentioning developed locations in Gwadar and existing development progress done so far in February 2020.

Developed Locations and Progress in Gwadar – February 2020

Recently in February 2020, team of Gwadar Jaidad visited some important areas in Gwadar to observe the development progress. Development of these specific venues is been done at  basis to attract maximum capital investments. CPEC Activation, Installation of Various Industries in Gwadar and the associated benefits of these activities are all a preferred part of Gwadar Master Plan phase 1.

CPEC Route:  Also known as East Bay Express Way is rapidly developing 19 Kilometers route. Heavy machinery is on the roll at the sight as the route is Scheduled for Completion in December 2020.

Gwadar Port Authority Office at Marine Bay Drive: The venue is a fully developed and functional venue located on Marine Bay Drive.

GDA Office at Marine Bay Drive: The office of Gwadar Development Authority is just another fully developed and functioning building in Gwadar.

GDA Park at Pishukan Avenue: The well-designed park by GDA is an attractive and fully developed site in Gwadar.

GDA Grand Mosque on Pishukan Avenue: GDA grand mosque developing under a state of the art architecture and design is rapidly getting into shape where work on grey structure in process.

Bahria Model College Gwadar – Naval College:  Bahria Model College also known as Naval College is become fully developed and the construction of its boundary wall is underway.

Research Center Gwadar: Gwadar Research Center is located near Oman Grant Road and its development is also been started. Ground is been leveled to initiate construction of Research Center.

Gwadar Institute of Technology in Makkah City: Gwadar Institute of Technology is another fully developed and functioning building in Port City.

Gwadar Bus Terminal: Gwadar bus terminal is under construction venue and boundary wall is already been completed.

Gwadar Industrial Estate: Gwadar Industrial Estate is a famous and prestigious area booked for industrial activities in Gwadar. The area owns a significant worth and so the attention of government. Ground is leveled everywhere in Gwadar Industrial Estate and boundary walls are also been constructed of purchased lands here.

District and Session Court Gwadar: Fully developed building of court presents an attractive image and it’s a fully functioning building.

GDA Hospital Gwadar: GDA Hospital Gwadar is already been fully developed and the work on its extension is underway with rapid pace.

Sangar Housing Scheme Gwadar: Sangar Housing Scheme is a government project located at the most beautiful and significant site of Gwadar and its entire phase 1 is fully developed and also delivered possession. Further renovation is underway at the site.

Pearl Continental Hotel in Sangar Housing: This five star hotel is a beautiful fully developed hotel and performing all of its services.

GPA Business Complex Gwadar Port: GPA Business Complex at Gwadar Port is a fully competed and attractive building with beautiful surrounding.

Gwadar Port: As we all know Gwadar Port is now fully ready and operational harbor and also has started performing Trade Services.

Resorts on Marine Drive: Since Gwadar is set to become Tourism Hub of South Asia, numerous resorts have been built at marine drive offering a luxury place to stay in Gwadar.

Beach Resorts 99 – East Side Bay: Beach Resorts 99 loacted at Easy Bay Gwadar are fully developed and luxurious resorts offering cozy place for tourists stay in Gwadar.

Watch the video to have a live look at all these developments.

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