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Work on CPEC Highways Moves Forward – Latest Update

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is rapidly filling infrastructure gap of Pakistan equipping it with a Pragmatic Network of Roads. National Highway Authority (NHA) is actively playing its part in construction of CPEC Based Highways and now it’s working on the advancement of Pindigheb-Jand-Kohat road.

Pindigheb-Jand-Kohat Road to Offer Link to Hakla-DI Khan Motorway – CPEC Update

National Highway Authority is working on the advancement and dualization of 80 Kilometers long Pindigheb-Jand-Kohat road that will offer link to 68 Kilometers long Hakla-DI Khan Motorway. Hakla DI-Khan is an important road under CPEC umbrella.

Ongoing Phase II of China Pakistan Economic Corridor is rapidly moving forward and governments on both sides are endeavoring to meet objectives out of its projects. Motorways and Highways under CPEC aim bringing revival to country’s economy opening gateways to business opportunities.

NHA has decided to dualize Pindigheb-Jand Road and this dualization would bear the traffic of CPEC and provide fastest efficient and short route for Pindigheb, Jand and Kohat population to Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

CPEC Hazara Motorway – Development Update

59 Kilometers long Hazara Motorway under CPEC (E-35) was Inaugurated in November 2019 and its opening is considered a huge milestone to promote Growth of Tourism Industry of Pakistan. Now road marking is underway at its Thakot-Havelian Motorway section 5 which is also near completion.

Thakot-Havelian Expressway is one of the early harvest projects of CPEC and is set to be completed in March 2020. Wide-spreading Road Network under CPEC has an essential role to promote businesses, and ushering a new era of prosperity in country.

CPEC to Enhance Six Major Areas of Country – Latest Update

International CPEC workshop reports that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is expected to bring improvement in six major fields of Pakistan and the details are given as under.

  1. An expected $62 Billion till 2030 to boost GDP growth rate to 6%
  2. Ensure energy security while overcoming the prevailing energy crises
  3. Bolstering industrial capacity of Pakistan
  4. Strengthening Pakistan domestically bringing in prosperity
  5. Enable the transfer of knowledge and Technology through widespread interaction with Chinese and other international experts.
  6. Link Pakistan’s rural and remote areas with its urban centers.

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