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China Planting 19 Industries in Gwadar – Latest Update

China announced establishing 19 industries in Gwadar. Last month Chinese Envoy Yao Jing hinted the Launch of 19 Projects in Gwadar and now it’s been officially announced. Construction of these Chinese industries in Gwadar will boost employments for the people of Balochistan. While talking to journalists Yoa Jing stated that China is eager to develop Balochistan’s mining, agriculture, fisheries and water sectors.

Chinese Industries in Gwadar to Exploit Provincial Potential

Construction of 19 Chinese industries in Gwadar is a part of China’s aim of exploring investment potential of Balochistan. While speaking to journalists in Quetta, Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing stated that China is eager to exploit Balochistan’s mining, agriculture, fisheries and water sectors.

This industrial development in Gwadar would open doors to enormous job opportunities for the people of Gwadar and Balochistan and will contribute to improve country’s economy. Chinese industries in Gwadar will also help Promoting Businesses in Gwadar. Meanwhile, Chinese Consulate is taking steps to ease visa procedures for the business society in Balochistan.

Yao Jing told that positive decisions had been taken in 9th Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC) to address the issues of both the sides. He also revealed Chinese intent to investing in expansion of Zhob-DI Khan highway which is being considered as vital for CPEC.

China to Build Vocational Centers in Balochistan

CPEC benefitting region in multiple ways now intends improving agriculture and China has unveiled to build 50 vocational centers in Balochistan to polish skills of provincial youth. Yao Jing expressed that Chinese firm is working to uplift irrigation sector in Balochistan. Ambassador said Balochistan would not be the only beneficiary of CPEC, but Afghanistan and Central Asian states would also be the recipients.

“The Chinese companies have been working on the provincial irrigation sector in order to help Balochistan which is marred by water crisis while 50 vocational centres are being established to polish skills of the provincial youth,” said Jing.

China has already announced Zero-interest rate loan on CPEC’s Gwadar Projects for the promotion of businesses in Gwadar. Now 19 Chinese Industries in Gwadar is the next step pulling business entities in Gwadar.

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