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Gwadar Master Plan 2019 Administrative Lands Analysis and Details

Administrative Land in Gwadar Master Plan 2019 is one of the important land categories. Administrative land is not directly connected with present residential or commercial activity in Gwadar. Right now Administrative land seems irrelevant to discuss but it’s actually associated with overall development of Gwadar and the future scenarios of region.

We have been explaining the types of lands that Gwadar Master Plan 2019 has appeared with. Previously we explained Residential Zone and Categories and here is Administrative Land explanation.

Administrative Land in Gwadar Master Plan 2019 Details

Administrative land is mentioned as ‘Category A’ in Gwadar master plan 2019 and further categorized into different types like A-1 A-2 up to A-6. Here are some commonly asked questions about the development of Gwadar that are linked with administrative lands.

  • When the development will start in Gwadar and which development will be done on priority basis?
  • Which NOC will be required if a private builder wants to construct a building or high rise commercial in Gwadar?
  • Where from the NOC could be obtained?
  • What are the bylaws of development and the guideline of construction material?
  • When the roads will be constructed in Gwadar?

Generally Administrative Land could be divided in two types for the better understanding of the prospects of this category, Administrative Office Land and Administrative Land for Public Welfare. Here are the further details of both these categories.

  1. Administrative Office Land – Category A1 in Gwadar Master Plan

Category A-1 in Gwadar Master Plan indicates Administrative Office Land in Gwadar. Administrative Office Land will be used for government or semi government offices to facilitate the public structure developments in Gwadar. Category A-1 presenting Administrative Office Land is located just at two places in Gwadar.

One block of Category A-1 is falling in Mouza Machhi Sharqi at Oman Grant Road near Gwadar International Airport and it is declared high density area in Gwadar Master Plan. The second location falls in down town Gwadar where few more blocks of Administrative Office Lands are positioned.

  1. Purposes of Administrative Office Land

Administrative Office Lands will be used for Government and Semi Government offices that will monitor the public structure development in Gwadar. These offices will set the bylaws of development for private sectors and will provide guideline for material use and will also provide NOC’s for the developments in Gwadar.

  1. Administrative Lands for Public Welfare – Category A-2, A-3, A-4 and A-5

Administrative Lands for public welfare use are based on four categories A-2, A-3, A-4 and A-5 representing Cultural Facility Land, Educational Facility Land, Religious Land and Medical Facility Land respectively.

Cultural Facility Land category A-2 is only located in down town Gwadar. Cultural Facility Land will be used for big city libraries, conference centers, exhibition galleries, art galleries expo centers and all such kind of purposes. Private sector could also participate investing in any of these buildings here.

Educational Facility Land Category A-3 is located at different sites of Gwadar. We may see A-3 Land blocks at Janubi Ankara, Coastal Highway and in Mouza Ziarat Machhi Sharqi near Airport. Educational Facility Land will be utilized for Higher Education Schools, Colleges, Vocational Colleges, Technical Training Institutes, Research Centers and Universities.

Limited Residential and Commercial activity will also be allowed in Category A-3 to facilitate the educational relevant public i.e. hostels, staff residence and canteen, book shops.

Religious Land Category A-4 represents land for large scale religious activities where mass gatherings will be organized. Category A-4 is only located in down town Gwadar. Religious Land will be utilized for Eid prayers, Janaza Prayer, or such type of religious offerings. Government will acquire this land for this usage.

Medical Facility Land Category A-5 is located at different sites in Gwadar as we may see Category A-5 in Shumali Ankara and Existing Land. It seems that Category A-5 will be further planned in densely populated areas where white land block is remained empty for future development purposes. Medical Facility Land will be utilized for medical activities i.e. Hospitals, Clinics and the relevant buildings.

Foreign Affairs Land Category A-6 is somehow similar with Category A-1 Administrative Office Land as this land will also be utilized for office purposes. Foreign Affairs Land will be used for Consulates, International Organizations and Institutes. Category A-6 is only planned in Mouza Machhi Sharqi near Gwadar International Airport.

So these were all the types of Administrative Lands in Gwadar Master Plan with land purposes and there locations. Hopefully this blog will make you understand the Category A and its further defined classes.

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