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Pakistan Steel Mills to be included in CPEC Framework – Latest Update

Pakistan and China are considering the inclusion of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) under CPEC umbrella. Inclusion of Pakistan Steel Mills in CPEC will save hefty national finance of Rs. 2 billion’s losses per month. Matter was pondered between Chinese high ups and Pakistan ministerial executives during JCC meeting.

Inclusion of Pakistan Steel Mills in CPEC – Latest Update

9th JCC meeting on CPEC has brought numerous developments in CPEC framework and proposed inclusion of Pakistan Steel Mills in CPEC is one of them. Pakistan and China considered the feasibilities to Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) in China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Though, some other plans are also been considered for the revival of Pakistan Steel Mills. Currently PSM is causing about Rs. 2 billion monthly losses to the national exchequer. Authentic sources report that restoration of PSM was also deliberated between Pakistan’s top political leadership and the Chinese top brass during recent visits.

Though, nothing is being finalized about the project till yet but chances are bright that Pakistan Steel Mills will eventually be included in CPEC.

PM Khan inaugurated CPEC Hazara Motorway

As we anticipated the Opening of CPEC Hazara Motorway couple of days back, now it’s been done. Yesterday on November 18, PM Khan along with ministerial officials reached to attend the inauguration ceremony of Hazara Motorway that is known as E-35 Expressway.

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated Havelian-Thakot section of CPEC Hazara motorway project. Hazara Motorway has a significant value in CPEC because it will serve as the main route for the commercial traffic after completion of CPEC projects.

The road won’t only uplift neighboring population living in adjacent areas such as Hasan Abdal, Haripur, Havelian, Abbottabad, and Mansehra but will also boost tourism giving a hassle free access to Mansehra, Naran valley and Gilgit Baltistan.

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