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9th JCC Meeting on CPEC Held in Islamabad – Latest Update

9th JCC meeting on CPEC was held in Islamabad yesterday on November 5. JCC analyzed progress on CPEC projects while mass transit and CPEC based road projects got most of the discussion time. Technical Cooperation, Agriculture Sector and Economic Zones were also deliberated in JCC on CPEC.

CPEC Progress Analyzed in JCC Meeting

Yesterday on November 5, 9th Joint Cooperation Committee held in Islamabad to overview progress of CPEC projects. JCC meeting was already anticipated in first week of November at arrival of Chairman NDRC. Couple of days back, Chairman NDRC Inaugurated 300 MW Gwadar Power Plant.

Planning and Reforms Minister Khusro Bakhtiyar, Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal, many government officials and Chinese high ups were present in JCC meeting. JCC discussed multiple CPEC projects and sectors working under CPEC and overviewed the ongoing development and progress.

Here are some of CPEC based mass transit projects that JCC overviewed with detail.

  • Karachi Circular Railway
  • Quetta Mass Transit Project
  • Khuzdar Basima Road N-30 Balochistan
  • KKH Thakot Raikot N-35
  • Up gradation of DI Khan Zhob N-50 Phase 1

Technical Cooperation, Agriculture Sector and Economic Zones were also discussed in JCC meeting on CPEC. Pakistan is eager to explore Agriculture Potential of Country following Chinese footprints and experience in field and China is ready to cooperate. An Agreement of Agriculture Cooperation between the countries is also set to be signed in this regard.

Multan Sukkur Motorway Opening for Traffic

Multan Sukkur Motorway dubbed M5 is the largest road project under CPEC finally opened for traffic now. Minister of Planning Khusro Bakhitiyar along with other government high ups inaugurated Multan Sukkur Motorway today on November 6. Multan Sukkur Motorway is a part of Peshawar to Karachi Motorway with a total cost of Rs.294 billion provided by the China EXIM Bank under CPEC.

Multan Sukkur Motorway under CPEC is opened for traffic by 12PM today and is in public use now. Inauguration of Hazara Motorway is also due within this month which will be another pleasant addition in country’s infrastructure. CPEC has so far delivered multiple of its projects and rapidly moving forward wrapping up the journey towards economic revolution.

CPEC Multan Sukkur Motorway holds great value for voluminous economic prospects expected to generate 23000 jobs for the people of Pakistan. Opening of this worthy CPEC project is considered a great accomplishment.

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