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Azad Pattan Hydropower Project’s included in CPEC – Latest Update

CPEC Joint Working Group (JWG) has included Azad Pattan Hydropower Project in list of CPEC energy portfolio. Inclusion of Azad Pattan Hydropower in CPEC will assist the early financial close of project. CPEC has already concluded several energy projects and Azad Pattan is the next.

JWG Approves the Inclusion of Azad Pattan Hydropower Project in CPEC

CPEC aiming to make Pakistan an Energy Sufficient Country has delivered multiple projects and recently JWG has added Azad Pattan in CPEC. Inclusion of Azad Pattan 700 MW Hydropower Project in CPEC will assist to reach early financial close, start construction next year arranging project’s financing in RMB. Being added into CPEC, Azad Pattan Hydropower will get all the facilities provided to other CPEC projects.

Azad Pattan Hydropower Project – Project’s Details

Azad Pattan Hydropower project is a 700 MW run-of-the-river pondage scheme on the river Jehlum in Azad Jammu and Kashmir with a four hour daily peaking. Azad Pattan Hydropower will be located near Azad Pattan Bridge upstream of 720MW Karot hydropower project and downstream of 640 MW Mahal hydropower project and will be a part of the River Jehlum hydel cascade.

After its completion by 2026, Azad Pattan Hydropower aims adding 3.3 Billion units of clean and renewable energy into the national grid. Since Azad Pattan Hydropower is added in CPEC its early completion is expected and being developed under the 2002 power policy, project will be transferred to government free of cost.

Fishery Trade between Pakistan and China Enhancing under CPEC

A five-member Gwadar fisheries delegation visited leading enterprises in aquaculture, offshore fishing and aquatic product processing in China’s Fujian Province. China Economic Net invited that Gwadar fisheries delegation to visit Fuzhou, Quanzhou and other places to survey the leading enterprises in aquaculture, offshore fishing and aquatic product processing.

The member of the delegation examined the production workshops, ports, docks, frozen storage, nursery, breeding bases and other places of the enterprises to learn more about the production scale, operation mode, deep processing of aquatic products, cold chain logistics, sales and trade.

Pakistani side expressed that field visit to Fujian’s Fishery Sector raised hopes for the prospect of fishery cooperation between the two countries, and expected to further strengthen communication and exchanges and accelerate cooperation to achieve substantive results as soon as possible.

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