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Work on Gwadar International Airport Moves Forward – Latest Update

Work on Gwadar International Airport Moves Forward – Latest Update

Work force and machinery is been deployed on Gwadar International Airport after the Initiation of Advanced Development Work on the project. Construction work on Gwadar International Airport is accelerating in orderly manner. Gwadar International Airport is a key project of CPEC with biggest foreign aid of approximately 1.7 billion Yuan.

Gwadar International Airport Developing as Landmark of Gwadar

Few days back, advanced development work on Gwadar International Airport had commenced and now construction of this landmark is underway by China Railway Engineering Bureau’s Airport Engineering Branch.

Presently, the existing area of the project is in place, site has been cleared and completed and development is moving forward adequately as per the construction plan. Gwadar International Airport is a key project of CPEC and will be the biggest and most modern airport in country.

Gwadar International Airport is positioned about 26 kilometers northeast of Gwadar city, nearby Makran Coastal Highway. The airport area is spread over 43 acres while main runway is about 3,658 meters long. China Railway Engineering Bureau’s Airport Engineering aiming to equip Gwadar International Airport with all state of the art facilities including water and power facilities, HVAC will also be provided.

Company is also constructing necessary infrastructures such as hospitals, schools, family areas and flight zone level. The design of Gwadar International Airport meets the Civil Aviation Organization (CIAO) standards. Successful completion of project would prove to be the hallmark for Modern Gwadar.

Development of Gwadar International Airport and Impacts on Gwadar Real Estate

Right now Gwadar real estate market spins around the development of Gwadar International Airport as this massive construction will modernize the entire set-up of realm. Gwadar International Airport has an important strategic consequence for the development of Gwadar city, and is an important transportation infrastructure that benefits Gwadar connecting it with rest of country and the world.

Gwadar International Airport is considered being a value adding embodiment for the entire region of Gwadar specifically the values of properties in region. Thus, as the development on Gwadar International Airport escalates, the rates of real estate in Gwadar will increase. Making an Investment neighboring Gwadar International Airport would prove to be a life changing decision you could ever make.

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