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Inauguration of 300 MW Gwadar Power Plant and Gwadar International Airport – Latest Update

Advanced construction work of Gwadar International Airport is kicked off. Chairman NDRC along with delegation of Hundred Chinese came to attend the inauguration of 300 MW Gwadar Power Plant on 2nd November. Chinese delegation went to kick off advanced construction work on Gwadar International Airport.

Government Accelerating Work on Gwadar International Airport

Gwadar International Airport has now commenced advanced construction work just by the start of November as we anticipated in our Last Update on the Development of Airport. Gwadar International Airport is the biggest airport in country with most advanced facilities and modern features.

The construction of Airport is connected with the progress of Gwadar and thus government has announced to accelerate work on Gwadar International Airport. A function was held at the site of Airport for the initiation of advanced construction work where a delegation of hundred Chinese accompanied by Chairman NDRC was invited.

Primary preparatory activities have already been done on the site and ground is all set and leveled for the advanced construction work on the structure of Gwadar International Airport. This development is mainly connected with the overall progress of Gwadar thus with Gwadar real estate market especially the adjacent Land in GIEDA.

Inauguration of 300MW Gwadar Power Plant

Chairman NDRC during his visit to attend JCC meeting, was also scheduled to inaugurate 300 MW Gwadar Power Plant which is now been done. A function was held at the inauguration of 300 MW Gwadar Power Plant where Chinese delegation congratulated Pakistani nation over the start of this landmark.

300 MW Gwadar Power Plant is set to fulfill electricity needs of Port City and this is a great milestone accomplished for the overall progress of Gwadar. Minister for Planning and reforms Khusro Bakhtiyar with many other high ups attended the inauguration ceremony 300 MW Gwadar Power Plant.

Short Term Investment Land Neighboring Gwadar International Airport

The initiation of advanced construction work on Gwadar International Airport has further enhanced the appeal and value of lands neighboring to it. The land located adjacent to Gwadar International Airport falls in Mouza Ziarat Machi Sharqi.

The most attractive feature of lands connected with Gwadar International Airport is low prices and variety of land types. We have brought so many investment options in this realm where presence of Gwadar Cantonment with Gwadar International Airport works as icing on the cake increasing value of properties. You may get better understanding of best land investment options neighboring to Gwadar International Airport when you look into ‘Circle A’ in this Blog.

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