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$10 Billion First Man-Made Island to be built in Gwadar – Master Plan 2019

The detailed planning of Gwadar Master Plan is been unveiled. The area dubbed Down Town Gwadar which appeared as a new addition alongside Marine Drive and stretching towards Zero Point on the Coastal Highway will actually be the first man-made island across Pakistan.

Chand Taara Island to be built in Gwadar – Gwadar Master Plan 2019

Gwadar Master Plan 2019 introduced an unfamiliar area and introduced its draft as Urban Design of Down Town. Now as the detailed planning of Gwadar has recently been unveiled, that Down Town dubbed area is announced to be a man-made island with a cost of $10 Billion.

This will be the first man-made island in Pakistan with shape of Chand Taara representing Pakistan’s flag moon and star. With its significant iconic identity, Chand Taara Island will be carrying a huge commercial and recreational bustle. We already have anticipated all the planned activities for this man-made island which were hinted at its draft in Gwadar Master Plan 2019.

Strategic Visions of First Man-Made Island in Gwadar

Gwadar Port City is set to be the Economic, Business and Tourism Hub with its hefty influence across South Asia. All activities are prudently planned under smart port city master plan and developments under first and short term phase of master plan are underway. Chand Taara dubbed island in Gwadar will kind the cities of Central Enterprise District Positioned at Marine Drive stretching towards Zero Point on Coastal Freeway.

Carrying forward the idea of making Gwadar a commercial and tourism hub, this flag shaped island will present a cluster of infrastructure with various purposes including Amusement Park, Artwork and Tradition Museum, Grand Theater, Live Performance Corridor,  Worldwide Expo Center, Five Star Inns and Resorts, Numerous Shopping Malls, Waterfront Stroll and purchasing Promenades.

This Island will become one of the most active and bustling realm in Gwadar and will throw huge impacts on properties in surrounding. Chand Taara Island in Gwadar also presents enormous investment opportunities along.

Watch the video to know where this man-made island is planned and the details of location dynamics.

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