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Gwadar to add over $300 Billion to GDP By 2050 – Future of Port City

Development of Gwadar is in full swing after the launch of Master Plan 2019. Now it’s time to foresee the future of Gwadar which is anticipated to be the Shenzhen of Pakistan. The recent calculation by Planning and Development Ministry says Gwadar would add $200-$300 Billion to GDP by year 2050.

Contribution of Gwadar in GDP of Pakistan – Future of Smart Port City

Gwadar is in news for its increasing fame and its future prospects for the uplift of Pakistan. Since the New Master Plan is been launched, heavy machinery is on roll and Development of Gwadar Port and smart port city is boosted. The pace of development at Gwadar Port has started influencing the growth rate of Pakistan.

Gwadar is already expected to be the Biggest GDP Provider of Pakistan in place of Karachi. Now recent estimation by Development and Planning Ministry says Gwadar would add $200-$300 Billion by year 2050.

Anticipated being the Future Shenzhen of Pakistan for its massive contribution in GDP of country, Gwadar is on luring direct foreign investments and industries. Economic Zones, Industrial Estates, Trade and Commercial activities with innumerable employment opportunities, all of these developments duplicate Gwadar with Shenzhen.

Long Term GDP Forecast of Gwadar – Economic Prospects

Development and Planning Ministry recently assessed the future contribution of Gwadar in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Pakistan. Report of this deliberation appears with amazing digits. The contribution of Gwadar in Pakistan’s economy would increase to $6 billion in short term by 2025 and $24 billion in 2035.

Similarly the per capita income of the citizens of Gwadar city would be around $2000 in 2025 while it would rise to $4000 by 2035. According to the long term GDP forecast of Gwadar, the per capita income of the city would further rise to around $10,000 to $15,000.

Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan is a core part of multibillion dollar China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which after completion would shape the port city into a hub of industrialization, commercial activity and international marine trade.

As the city would grow, it will also create a huge number of employment opportunities for the locals as well as for the people coming from other parts of the country.

Watch the video to know the low cost investment opportunity in Industrial Land of Gwadar Industrial.


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