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New Town Gwadar Phase 1 – Location Plots Prices and Investment Potential

New Town Gwadar is a government’s project under the supervision of DC of Gwadar. The project was launched in 1986 and it’s the oldest and most developed housing society in Gwadar right now. Here’s New Town’s Gwadar Phase 1 with all the details of its location, plots, prices and investment potential.

New Town Gwadar Phase 1 – Location Overview

New Town Gwadar is comprised of total five phases but here we will only discuss its phase 1. Phase 1 of New Town is located adjacent to old city area of Gwadar which falls at the way to the iconic hammerhead shape of city. The area is fully developed and several buildings of government offices also located in Phase 1 of New Town Gwadar.

The Phase 1 of New Town Gwadar is positioned in between East Bay and West Bay which are located at its right and left respectively. At its left, New Town’s phase 1 gets the location benefits of Marine Bay Drive while at its right side the area enjoys the proximity to Coastal Highway and Port of Gwadar.

Furthermore, the Most Lucrative Jinnah Avenue Gwadar also initiates from the famous roundabout of New Town’s Phase 1 where almost 122 Acres of land is reserved for monuments and parks.

New Town Gwadar Phase 1 – Residential Plots Details

Phase 1 of New Town Gwadar is a mix of 500 sq. yards and 1000 sq. yards residential plots. The famous roundabout which falls right in the middle of phase 1 sets apart these categories. 1000 sq. yards plots are located at the bottom side of roundabout while all plots of 500 sq. yards fall at the top of it.

Boulevard Road, Marine Drive and Airport Road are the three main arteries fall here setting value parameter to the plots of New Town Gwadar’s Phase 1. Plots prices differentiate depending on the location and below are the details

New Town Gwadar Phase 1 – Prices of 500 Sq. Yards and 1000 Sq. Yards Residential Plots

A general plot of 1000 sq. yards in New Town Phase 1 is available in price bracket of 90 lac to 1 Crore while plots located adjacent to main roads are offered in range of 2.5 Crore to 3 Crore.

Likewise Prices of 500 sq. yards plots in New Town’s Phase 1 also vary as per location. A general plot of 500 sq. yards is accessible in price frame of 30 lac to 40 lac while some good location plots especially those located at 300 feet wide Main Jinnah Avenue are available in price range of 1 to 1.5 Crore.

Watch the below given video to know the geographical importance and future value of New Town Gwadar. Especially to get the details of commercial plots which also fall in Phase 1 of New Town Gwadar.


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