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Installation of Container Scanners for Afghan Transit Trade – CPEC Update

A robust scanning system for imported shipping goods is essential since Afghan Transit Trade is been Initiated at Gwadar Port and trade activities will be on swing in days to come. Prime Minster Imran Khan has approved a project under which special container scanners will be installed at all custom clearing stations.

Afghan Transit Trade Project Scheduled for Completion by 2020

Recently PM Imran Khan has approved project to scan imported containers and shipping goods under Afghan Transit Trade. Under this project special scanners would be installed at all crossing points and custom clearing stations including Torkham and Chaman to ensure a secure trading procedure.

The estimated cost of project is €250 million and is set to be completed by December 2020. This scanner installing project for Afghan Transit Trade is planned to be concluded in three phases and will be kicked off in April 2020.

Trade Prospects of Gwadar Port in 2020

Year 2020 is a big year for the development of Gwadar and trade escalation at Gwadar Port. Gwadar is known as Future Shenzhen of Pakistan with its Enormous Contribution in GDP and Economic Uplift of Country. All this is anticipated based on trade activities connected with deep water sea port.

Just by the start of year 2020, Gwadar Port underwent some very important developments and activities which are considered as huge milestones achieved in its journey for trade prospects. Now activities at port are at full boom. Few days back, Inaugural of Al Qasim LPG Terminal at Gwadar Port was held that would now be used for LPG Trade throughout Pakistan and would create jobs for locals.

Already Gwadar Port has Started Serving for Pakistan’s Exports and Afghan Transit Trade has also been initiated, it is known that these trade activities will be expedited with passing time and completion of development on power plant that is underway to perform development on port.

It is considered that just by the end of year 2020, Gwadar Port will become a fully pragmatic trade harbor with huge hustle bustle of vessels.

Watch the video to know one the most lucrative commercial investments in Emerging Business Hub of Future.


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