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Gwadar Development Update October 2020 – Latest Update

Gwadar is escalating towards progress and development works are underway as per first phase of Gwadar Master Plan. So far by October 2020, development status in Gwadar is satisfactory and government is showing keen solemnity to achieve development goals defined by Master Plan’s first Phase.

The Emerging Port City of Gwadar with its exceptional strategic location is the core cause behind the setup of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Gwadar is dubbed as Future Economic and Business Center of Pakistan and by this aspect it’s the most lucrative destination for investments as well, however we need to be realistic while expecting it to be developed over night.

Government in collaboration with China is keen towards Gwadar development and Progress in Gwadar remained Steady Even during Pandemic when all the works was ceased. Development of Gwadar will be done as per Gwadar Master Plan and right now first phase of development is underway.

Gwadar Development Status October 2020 – Latest Update

So far by October 2020, several CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) based projects have been accomplished in Gwadar while rest of development is under process. All the construction and development works currently underway are related to the first phase of Gwadar Master Plan.

First phase of Gwadar development is also known as short term development phase and it’s based on five years up till 2025. Short term phase is based on basic development of Gwadar and to equip the Port City with rudimentary infrastructure including road networks and facilities.

Since Gwadar is a Masterpiece of Natural Beauty having immense potential for tourism, many development ventures are been dedicated to attract tourists and to enhance tourism in Gwadar. Let’s take a look at the latest development progress of Gwadar in sequence.

  • Gwadar Port: Gwadar Port is now a fully functional port offering its services for trade procedure. Over 5 to 6 berths have been installed at Gwadar Port while works are underway to take this number up to 120.
  • Gwadar International Airport: Gwadar International Airport is the biggest landmark of Gwadar and is now undergoing rapid development. Work on its runway is been started and will become ready for cargo planes landing within a year and entire building of Gwadar Airport is set to be completed within three years.
  • Gwadar East Bay Express way: East Bay Expressway is completed and right now asphalt paving process on road is in process.
  • Jinnah Avenue Gwadar and Rest of Roads: Marine Drive Gwadar from Gwadar Port to Jivani is hundred percent completed while work on Jinnah Avenue Gwadar is underway.
  • Grand Mosque Gwadar: Gwadar Grand Mosque is almost 80% completed.
  • Gwadar Beach Resort 99: Beach Resort 99 is a functional resort while tree plantation at the resort site and throughout in Gwadar is also in process.

Seven Tourists Resorts Planned for Gwadar – Development Update October 2020

Recently official of Balochistan Coastal Development Authority (BCDA) informed that measures have been taken to develop tourism projects worth Rs. 206 Million in Coastal Areas. After feasibility study of 12 places from Gwadar to Gadani Coast, seven tourist resorts will be setup at Rs. 50 Million.

So far by October 2020, several tourists Spots are already been developed in Gwadar.

  • Public Park on Sunset Point Gwadar: Newly developed Sunset Park offers a spell binding sunset view. It’s now one of the most mesmerizing public visiting places in Gwadar benefitting public with beautiful views and recreational activities.
  • Football Play Area Marine Drive Gwadar: Football play area at Marine Drive Gwadar is a hundred percent ready and functional beautiful place entertaining locals with healthy recreational activity.

That’s all about the current development in Gwadar and below given video briefs you more with the further details.

Click Here to Watch Video

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