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Rashakai Special Economic Zone of CPEC to be inaugurated in May 2020 – Latest Update

Chinese President Xi Jinping is planning to visit Pakistan to inaugurate Rashakai Special Economic Zone which is a mega project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Rashakai Special Economic Zone spans over 778 Acres of land is located in Nowshera district set to be completed in three phases over six years.

Rashakai Special Economic Zone under CPEC – Details of Project

Chinese President Xi Jinping is scheduled to visit Pakistan by mid of this year to inaugurate CPEC mega project Rashakai Special Economic Zone. Earlier Rashakai Special Economic Zone was planned to be inaugurated in November 2019 but got postponed because of some uncongenial reasons and absence of utility services in area.

Government Vows the provision of Cheap Electricity to Rashakai Special Economic Zone – CPEC Update

Government has ensured the supply of utility facilities and infrastructure at Rashakai SEZ. Moreover provincial administration has vowed the provision of over 60MW to the zone in one year. In order to overcome the energy shortfall, government has decided to produce cheap electricity from available resources in area.

This low cost electricity would fulfill energy requirements of industrial units in Rashakai Special Economic Zone so it might also promote industrialization in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Provincial administration has further decided to supply that cheap electricity to domestic and business sector of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Industries in Gwadar to Bolster Pakistan’s Exports – CPEC Update

Gwadar is becoming home to several industries being setup under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Government is looking forward to CPEC Based Industries in Gwadar to burgeon exports volume of Pakistan. Gwadar Industrial Land offers enormous Opportunities to Businesses in Port City.

CPEC Based Industries in Gwadar to Boost Exports Volume

Gwadar is now the chief backer of Pakistan’s prosperity and economic uplift performing as a core in CPEC framework thus Government believes that CPEC based industries in Gwadar will bolster exports volume of country.

Recently on Tuesday March 10, Abdul Razak Dawood was peaking at a dialogue on Industrial Cooperation under CPEC held in Islamabad, he expressed that the industries being set up in Gwadar under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor would boost export capacity of Pakistan.

Watch the video to get informed about ideal land investment in future industrial hub of Pakistan.

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