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Gwadar Land Investment – Safe Buying Process

Gwadar Land Investment promises extraordinary huge rewards in future but only if made through a safe process. Gwadar Land Buying procedure is made safe through six steps. Awareness of land buying process makes you to safely invest in Gwadar. Here’s that procedure explained.

How to Safely Invest in Gwadar – Land Buying Process

In order to make your investment secure, it’s important to be fully informed about land buying process in Gwadar. Gwadar clients usually ask us that how we make land buying safe and what ways we adopt to pledge the security of their investment?

Selection of land, transfer, registry, site plan and demarcation are the procedures that lock the deal safely. Here we are going to explain these steps in detail.

Selection of Land – First Step of Land Buying in Gwadar

Selection of land is the most important part of Investment to Earn the Best Profit in certain timeframe. When Gwadar Jaidad selects and offers some land to its customers, we make sure the land isn’t disputed and has a proper history of sale purchase in past.

When a buyer decides to go for the purchase, he/she first have to place a token amount along with CNIC and passport size pictures of buyer. Token amount is usually 10 to 15 percent of the actual price of land.

Verification of Land – Gwadar Land Buying Process

Verification of land is the very first step of buying land in Gwadar. When we purchase a piece of land from a person, we go to the office of revenue where district officer and village officer (Patwari) verifies the land and the owner of land either he/she is the actual owner of land or not. This verification prevents us from being scammed.

Newspaper Advertisement – Safe Process of Land Buying in Gwadar

Continuing this safe process of buying land in Gwadar, the second step is to give an advertisement in newspaper. We publish all the details of land in newspaper with an announcement that we have purchased this piece of land in Gwadar.

This newspaper advertisement includes all the relevant detail of land i.e location of land, seller’s name and buyer’s name. This public notice is an important step which is legally necessary to be taken when buying land in Gwadar.

Transfer – Gwadar Land Buying Procedure

Third step is transfer of land. In order to transfer the land to the name of buyer, seller goes to Patwari and informs him that he has sold this specific land to someone and gives him details of the buyer. Thus Patwari renews his record issuing transfer letter and meanwhile Patwari goes to the land to mark the sold area so the process of demarcation may start.

Demarcation Process – Gwadar Land Investment

Once we are done with the transfer procedure, now the next is Demarcation of land. Demarcation secures your land from land grabber or to prevent any misconception. Ground leveling, stone marking or boundary wall, all these belong to demarcation.

Process of demarcation also takes time depending on the size of property you’ve purchased or location or the access feasibility. Sometimes this procedure may also take one or a couple of months.

Registry of Land – Gwadar Land Investment Procedure

When it comes to registry of land, different stamp duties have been implemented on different areas in Gwadar. Stamp paper is issued by the name of seller as per the stamp duty of the land you’ve purchased and this is basically a documented information by the seller regarding the land which is now been sold to this person at this specific amount.

All this registry process is performed at the office of Registrar in presence of witnesses where video recording and pictures of both buyer and seller is also made to keep in record.

When you get the registry it’s basically a government authentication that now the specific property is owned by this person. From token placement to registry, all the land buying process is monitored by Gwadar Jaidad.

For such clients who are overseas or not being able to present during the process, we take care of paperwork preparation, transfer of land on your name, registry of land preparation of site plan and demarcation on site.

Watch the video to be fully informed about the land buying process in Gwadar.


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