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Gwadar Golf City December 2019 – Development Update

Gwadar Golf City has now become one of the most developed societies in Gwadar. Our recent visit to the society revealed an extraordinary development progress. Gwadar Golf City has amazingly concluded several phases of development in a very short period of time and here is the detail.

Gwadar Golf City Latest Development Update – December 2019

Gwadar Golf City is a rapidly developing project by BSM Developers and team of Gwadar Jaidad recently paid a visit to overview the development progress of society. Gwadar Golf City has actually accomplished massive development work becoming the mostly developed project in Gwadar.

Gwadar Golf City falls in Reserve Land-1 category of Gwadar Master Plan 2019 where development of reserve would be preferential. BSM Developers have provided 24 hours security and electricity to the project. A squad of 40 security guards remains on duty 24/7. Labor and heavy machinery is on the roll working day and night shaping Gwadar Golf City into a luxurious living community.

Roads and Parks Gwadar Golf City – Development Update

So far Gwadar Golf City has fully developed its main boulevards 1,2,3,4 and 5 while Main Boulevard 6 and 7 are also near completion. Work on two major parks of society, Park A and Park B has also been done and now these parks are fully developed.

Gwadar Golf City – Development on Blocks

When it comes to the development of blocks, Gwadar Golf City is done with the development of Block A and B, heading forward towards completion of block C and D.

Egyptian Columns Development – Gwadar Golf City

BSM Developers is taking forward the development equally in each corner of Gwadar Golf City and Egyptian Columns in the project are also emerging rapidly. Gwadar Golf City Egyptian Columns Block A is almost near completion while the developer is doing preparatory development work in its Block B.

Development of Mosque and Monument – Gwadar Golf City

The Jamia Mosque of Gwadar Golf City is ready with its structure and the development work on tomb is underway with rapid pace which is now near completion. The monument of Gwadar Golf City is almost done with 90 percent of development.

Pak China Expo Center Gwadar Golf City – Development Update

Pak China Expo is a marvel of Gwadar Golf City which has added more value and charm to its name. Major Taufeeq is heading the development of Gwadar Golf City and we asked him about the planned Pak China Expo Center. He informed us that expo center is in pipeline and it’s the very next project in development cards of Gwadar Golf City.

The pace of development and the present development makes Gwadar Golf City one of the most promising residential project in Gwadar and investing here is the safest decisions you can make in emerging port city.

Watch the given video to get informed about the latest development of Gwadar Golf City.


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