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Government Gives Go Ahead to Transit Trade at Gwadar Port

Gwadar Port is now officially opened for Transit Trade and first ship is due to arrive next week on Tuesday. Transit Trade at Gwadar Port is a milestone achieved to enhance country’s economy. Opening of Transit Trade at Gwadar Port will create employments lifting Gwadar real estate market.

Gwadar Port is a key in CPEC project and for the development of entire province. Government is paying special attention to equip Gwadar Port with all modern feature and facilities. Few days back Online Shipping System was also introduced at Gwadar Port while Development of 300 MW Coal Plant is also underway to advance development and opening of Transit Trade at Gwadar Port will further accelerate all these development activities.

Gwadar Port Officially Opened for Transit Trade

Gwadar Port is now officially opened for Transit Trade. On Tuesday October 1st, Ministry on Maritime Affairs informed the sub-committee of the senate standing committee about this development on Gwadar Port. Sub Committee also reviewed various issues of Gwadar Port and its investors.

Talking about Transit Trade at Gwadar Port and transshipment, the committee discussed that Afghan Trade Transit Module required some changes that have been applied and after initial testing, seems ready for application.

Opening of Transit Trade at Gwadar Port – Impacts on Gwadar Real Estate

The announcement of transit trade at Gwadar Port is a bonus added to the first phase of development after the launch of Gwadar New Master Plan. Each activity at Gwadar Port is directly connected with Gwadar Real Estate. As the development or the trade activities escalate at Gwadar Port, it throws impacts on Gwadar Real Estate.

Opening of Transit Trade at Gwadar Port won’t only promote the port for trading but this will also boost the development activities going in Gwadar. Transit trade will create more employments at the port and employments definitely upsurge the demand of residence in Gwadar. Thus it will also boost the on ground development activities underway in emerging port city. This all will increase the rates of land in Gwadar.

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