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Gwadar New Master Plan Approved by Cabinet

Gwadar New Master Plan launch is just on the go as it’s been fully ready and approved by the Cabinet. Gwadar New Master Plan final display was to be held in first week of August and it’s done. Since the New Master Plan has been approved now, it’s expected to be launched right after Eid.

Few days back, Gwadar New Master Plan Workshop was also been organized in Gwadar where final layout has been displayed to government officials, builders and investors. We have been updating our readers about each update of Gwadar New Master Plan and here’s the latest update of it.

Gwadar New Master Plan Cabinet Approval

Pakistan rising Port City Gwadar is of great worth in CPEC and all eyes are looking forward to its development. Though the development of Gwadar started with an impressive pace attracting investors’ attention at huge, but then the delaying Gwadar New Master Plan put all the works on pause.

Gwadar New Master Plan was not being able to be finalized for past two years despite being under keen consideration of Government. But finally the most awaited major development has been done this week and Pakistan’s cabinet has decided to approve the Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan before Eid holidays.

This is not a minor feat. The Gwadar New Master Plan is prepared by Chinese Company as per a long-term draft for growth and development. According to officials’ privy the developments, the push was an forthcoming visit by the parliamentary committee on CPEC and the prime minister’s recent visit to the United States. While addressing Pakistani American community, Prime Minister advised them to invest in Pakistan.

Gwadar New Master Plan Launch within Few Days

Reporting on Gwadar New Master Plan status Mr. Nadir Baloch (Coordinator of Gwadar Master Plan) said “It is now just a matter of days for the Gwadar New Master Plan to be approved,” Baloch, who has been working on the project since a few years now, admits that previously there were many setbacks which slowed down the pace of work in Gwadar.

The final layout of Gwadar New Master Plan now has been sent to the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC – FHEC) that has to return it on August 8 after review. The Gwadar New Master Plan then will be presented before the governing body of Gwadar Development Authority (GDA).

The final plan will be presented to the cabinet before Eidul Azha holidays. The cabinet has already decided to stamp on Gwadar New Master Plan as the plan has been devised after a series of consultation from professionals in all fields.This major development is going to start an era of prosperity and growth for Gwadar smart port city kicking off the mechanism of boosting economy.

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