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Gwadar 3 by Eiwan – Projects Details Update

Gwadar 3 also dubbed as G3 is a project by Eiwan Developers and the name has a hefty repute in real estate field of Pakistan. Gwadar 3 is recently revealed by Chief Minister Jam Kamal at a significant location of Gwadar. Gwadar 3 project is appearing with a roaring fame by its developer’s repute, mesmerizing location on Koh e Batil and modern features.

Gwadar 3 by Eiwan – Location Overview

The magnificent project of Gwadar 3 will be located on top of the majestic Koh-e-Batil hill with uninhibited three-sided ocean views of the magnificent Arabian Sea. When we hear about Koh-e-Batil in Gwadar, sudden name clicks in mind is Sangar Housing Scheme and Gwadar 3 is located right in the Heart of this jewel of Gwadar.

Gwadar 3 by Eiwan also enjoys neighboring benefits of Gwadar Deep Sea Port. Beauty of Koh-e-Batil is word of every mouth while all knows the value of Sangar Housing. Being located at the beautiful hill right in the middle of Sangar, Gwadar 3 speaks volume about its charm in future.

Gwadar 3 – Project Details

Gwadar 3 is a precious mixed-commercial project by Eiwan to showcase the emergence of Gwadar as a trade and business hub. The Gwadar 3 project is recently being unveiled and has become word of every mouth even before launch. Since the project is not been launched so far, no details about bookings, investment options or prices is available till yet. Once the Gwadar 3 project will be officially launched we will update the details about it.

Entitled being the future Dubai or Hong Kong, port city of Gwadar also known as crown jewel of CPEC is set to become the region’s leading economic engine in future. To advance this vision, Eiwan Developments has aligned with Energy Department of Balochistan to usher in a new era of development to the city, through the launch of its significant mixed-commercial project, Gwadar 3.

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