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Necessary facilities of fresh water treatment, water supply and distribution

Project Description

Project Title: Necessary Facilities of Fresh Water Treatment, Water Supply and Distribution, The project is aimed at implementing water supply, distribution system, desalination plant, sewerage collection system and treatment plant as planned in the Master Plan of Gwadar as a mega port city in the medium term (2030) and long-term (2050) scenarios. Objective of the Project: This project will aim at catering future water demand and sewage disposal systems in Gwadar required for Deep Sea Port, its associated industry, and the city itself. Available Documents (if any): Based on initial topographic surveys, economic, and environment studies reports are generated in the Gwadar City Master Plan (2002) with conceptual layouts. Implementing Agency: Gwadar Development Authority


Gwadar district, Balochistan



Estimated Cost (US $ Million)



Chinese Government Grant

Supervising Agency

P&D Dept. Govt. of Balochistan and Planning, Development, and Reforms Commission

Project Progress Update

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