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Karachi to Gwadar by Road – Kund Malir, Hingol, Ormara, Gwadar

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  • March 3, 2020
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We covered our recent journey to Gwadar from Karachi by Makran Coastal Highway. Like always, we had an amazing time and experienced some stunning nature on our way to Gwadar.

We tried to cover as much as possible. We started out journey at Bahria Town Karachi. Our first major main was Hub which is basically a gateway city of Baluchistan. Using National Highway 25 from Hub City, we took a left turn on Makran Coastal Highway and continued our journey towards Gwadar. Kund Malir Beach was our next stop and we enjoyed every moment of it.
By this time we had already entered Hingol National Park. Rugged mountains and untouched beauty and expanse of Hingol was truly magical and captivating. We visited 2 famous spots inside Hingol National Park along Makran Coastal Highway. First Princess of Hope and second one was Buzi Top.
Our next stop was Ormara where biggest Naval Base of Pakistan is situated. Refueled our car and had simple yet tasty lunch. Spent some time on Ormara beach. Unfortunately its restricted zone for drone flying so we couldnt capture its true beauty.

Next we stopped in Pasni and enjoyed beautiful sunset just outside Gwadar.
Finally we reached Gwadar around 7:45 PM.
The whole route is 100% safe and lots of families also travel to Gwadar by Road. Hope you enjoyed the trip.



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