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Gwadar New Master Plan Details – Gwadar Master Plan News

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  • August 20, 2019
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Recently on July 25th 2019, Gwadar Development Authority organized a workshop named Smart Port City Gwadar Master Plan. Gwadar New Master Plan was the main agenda of this workshop and the ready layout of Gwadar New Master Plan 2019 was showcased to the participants here.
Many government high-ups, foreign delegates and private builders participated in Gwadar New Master Plan workshop.
The specifics of Gwadar New Master Plan 2019 were unveiled and discussed in workshop. Following given key points brief you what has been revealed to the participants there.

1. Gwadar Development Strategy

The Gwadar New Master Plan has been designed as per the modern and most up to the minute development trends to shape the port city destined to be a smart one. Gwadar new master plan 2019 steers Gwadar in alignment with the industrial activities and momentum to make it an eco-friendly smart port city.
Gwadar new master plan 2019 has been meticulouslydrafted where each zone of Gwadar is been covered with the same care dividing Gwadar development into three phases.

Phase 1 is a short term development plan which is up till 2025, Phase 2 is medium term development and will last next 10 years up till 2035 and Phase 3 is long term planning taking the development up till 2050 and beyond. All basic infrastructure of Gwadar city including roads network, Government and private buildings, recreational facilities and some of the industry will be completed before 2025. CPEC route and Gwadar International Airport will also be fully developed and operational before 2025.

2. Socio Economic Planning of Gwadar

Gwadar New Master plan is not just a city draft or layout guiding about the use of Gwadar land,rather it also encompasses the Socio Economic planning of Gwadar along with infrastructural development. Gwadar new master plan 2019 is to uplift the living of inhabitants by emphasizing on Education, Health, Employment, Food and Water Supply, Recreational Facilities and much more.
Gwadar new master plan focuses the installation of multiple industries for the reinforcement of socio economic growth. This draft doesn’t only upkeep the socio economic development but also creates employment opportunities for locals and foreigners.

Relying on its Socio Economic planning, Gwadar new master plan 2019 ensures the creation of 9000 to 12000 jobs just in Government sector. While private sector supposed to create innumerable job opportunities mostly depending on industrial and commercial activities led by private investors and industrialists. Some mega industries will become operational before 2025 including Oil and Gas, Shipbreaking, Fisheries, Oil refineries and recreational facilities.

3. Gwadar Land Usage in Gwadar New Master Plan 2019

Gwadar new master plan 2019 doesn’t comprise whole Gwadaras the development of Gwadaris divided into 3 phases. Gwadar new master plan is only for Phase 1 covering around 30% ofGwadar land. Total land usage as per Gwadar New Master plan is 352 Square Kilometers. More than 800 Square Kilometers land is left untouched for future activities and will be used in following phases. In Gwadar new master plan 2019, all areas have been categorized and defined very precisely.

4. Urban Planning and Design

Gwadar new master plan 2019 is based on a down town idea developing Gwadar as per a smart and modern city before 2025. Gwadar Down Town comprises 13 Sq Km area based on concept of off shore development as we see in The Palm Jumeirah of Dubai. Gwadar Down Town will be used as central business district of Gwadar catering people in residential, commercial and recreational fields.

5. Renovation and Urbanization of Gwadar Old City

Gwadar new master plan 2019 also provides solution to a very sensitive concern of Gwadar’s local community right now living in Gwadar. Despite of demolishing the old Gwadar City, Gwadar New Master Plan intends its renovation and up-gradation. The renovation of the old city area will beautify it to align it with modern standards of rest of city.

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