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Gwadar Master Plan, What Changes Are Expected? June 2019 Update

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  • June 14, 2019
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Gwadar Master Plan has been long awaited after the announcement of revisal. A lot of speculation and rumors have been marketed and spread until March 2019 when the announcement was much anticipated of Gwadar Master Plan launch.

Again, it disappointed many as nothing was officially announced about the new Gwadar Master Plan. Why there is such a delay making the whole picture blurry for investors and stakeholders?

There are apparently many reasons but one of the obvious reasons of this delay is as follows. Announcement and launching of Master Plan is not that simple.

Gwadar being the most planned city comes with many challenges especially when international stakes are involved. Scrutinizing the Master Plan making and approval is necessary to eliminate any imperfections and to satisfy all the parties and that’s exactly what’s delaying the launch of Gwadar Master Plan.

There is a whole chain of Government bodies and investors involved in approving the Gwadar Master Plan. Through our authentic sources we have confirmed that Master Plan has already been prepared and it’s just under approval process. We can expect it to be launched anytime within 2019.

Another thing we should understand is correlation between Gwadar Master Plan and development of Gwadar City. As soon as the New Master Plan is announced, we will see infrastructural development on a massive scale.

As New Master Plan will also clear confusion for investors and builders who are currently holding their investments and building construction is not allowed in most parts of Gwadar, we will see construction of high rise commercial building, leisure/recreational activities and commercial activities.

Though economy of Pakistan is in revival mode and overall real estate market of Pakistan is expected to stay bit depressed but Gwadar Master Plan will resurrect Gwadar Real Estate market and we will see boom in property prices. This is best time to invest in Gwadar when the prices are low. I have been making presentation videos of some great investment options in Gwadar. Check out some of them below.



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