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Gwadar Master Plan 2019 – What Is Reserve Land?

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  • September 27, 2019
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wadar Master Plan has also brought various misconceptions and queries along with booming Gwadar real estate market. Gwadar New Master Plan layout is available now and a detailed development planning agenda has also been launched.

The planning program sheds light on Gwadar development in different phases. The first look on Gwadar new master plan brings a questions that why almost 70 percent of the land is empty without any marking or activity been mentioned? This unplanned area is dubbed as Reserve Land.

Customers who have invested in areas falling in Reserve Land are anxious to know about the fate of their properties. It seems that investments in reserve land have been drowned but it’s not like that and we are here to tell you the actual theory of reserve land in Gwadar Master Plan.

First thing needing attention is that the development of Gwadar is divided in three phases as per Gwadar New Master Plan.

Though the master plan covers the overall development of Gwadar up till 2050, but it still has phases and a lot more development dynamics. We get the understanding of reserve land when we focus the development phases and the “Planned City” ideology of Gwadar.

Gwadar is a properly planned city and each tiny bit of its development is somehow connected with some other aspect of it. Gwadar New Master Plan 2019 Officially Announced…

For example, the development of residential zone is depending on the establishment of Gwadar industrial zone. When the industries in Gwadar will start flourishing creating employments, need of residence will arise and that’s how the development of industrial area is primary while the residential zone is secondary.

Including some famous housing projects, almost 80 percent of societies are falling in Reserve land in Gwadar Master Plan 2019. Such as Green Palms, Canadian City Gwadar and Gwadar Golf City are also falling ing in reserve land area. It doesn’t mean these projects will be left undeveloped or Gwadar master plan has nothing to do with them.

Reserve land in Gwadar Master Plan will actually be utilized as per needs and requirements of Gwadar development. Since Gwadar is set to be a properly developed city, its development will come in stages. It’s not like Lahore or Karachi where infrastructure keeps changing and every day we see certain areas being demolished for some road or bridge construction.

Planned city theme, Development phases and timely requirements of Port City Gwadar are the reasons to leave the area untouched which we know as Reserve Land in Gwadar Master Plan. There’s nothing to worry about of your investments in Gwadar as it’s totally a safe and lucrative realm.

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