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Gwadar Master Plan 2019 Roads Network

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  • September 27, 2019
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Roads in any city act as basic skeleton and Gwadar in no different. In this video I have shared with you details of roads in Gwadar as per new master plan recently launched. Just as expected there is a very practical and dense road network in planned area as per Gwadar new master plan 2019. Roads have been categorized in terms of their size and usage.

There are 5 types of roads available in Gwadar Master Plan forming a very pragmatic network providing easy access and solutions for all residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Highway previously known as Nothern Bypass is the biggest road in this Gwadar new master plan. Then Primary Roads 01 and Primary Roads 02 are main connecting arteries offering access to city centers. Secondary Roads further dense and will act as Boulevards.

There are some conditional roads in this map covering Reserve land areas. Reserve land is the land for future development and can be made part of planning area even in short term. Check out more about reserve land here.

Gwadar Master Plan 2019 – What Is Reserve Land?…

Though the new roads in Gwadar Master Plan is a very positive news but this also leaves and important question about the future of old roads as they are not in the new plan.

Its kind of difficult to answer that what will happen to the old roads in Gwadar City as Gwadar development will follow modern standards. Its more likely that these roads can act as secondary roads improving the access.

For more information about Gwadar new master plan 2019, please check out this video.…

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