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Gwadar Land Investment Q&A : Land Grabbing, Ownership Disputes and More

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  • January 3, 2020
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In this video I have shed light on some common concerns related to land grabbing in Gwadar (Qabza), ownership disputes, documentation process, demarcation process and documents verification. In fact these are some of the most frequently asked questions (specially by overseas Pakistanis) related with Gwadar land investment.

Putting myself in my customers’ shoes, I would be same sort of worried and concerned while investment anywhere specially when I am physically absent during the whole process. Most of our customers ask questions such as,

  1. Who will take care of the paperwork?
  2. Who do I know my investment in secure?
  3. Who will take care of the land?
  4. What guarantee do I have that someone will not do Qabza or land grabbing?
  5. What if someone else claims ownership of my land in future?
  6. How can I verify the papers?

and more such questions..

Please watch this video and feel free to contact me if you have different concerns or questions about buying land in Gwadar or anywhere else in Pakistan.

Ahsan Tauheed – Director GwadarJaidad
Call / Whatsapp / imo +92 300 8131177



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