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Gwadar Land Investment Guide – Some FAQs and Answers

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  • May 23, 2019
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If you are considering buying open land in Gwadar, you must have lot of questions or concern about the whole process. Here is this video I have compiled some most frequently asked question by my customers looking to buy land in Gwadar. I have tried to be precise and provide a fair opinion placing myself in my clients’ shoes.

Gwadar is land of opportunities and certainly its a game changer for entire region and specially for Pakistan. Investments that are done today will yield an huge returns in future provided if the investment is right. Its also very important to understand the land buying process and be a part of it even if you are not physically present. We are Jaidad Group provide this piece of mind to our clients and rather than keep you in the dark, we get you involved in the whole process. Please read on to the following to get a better idea of land buying process.

Gwadar Land Buying Process Broken Down in Step:

Find the right type of open land through an established real estate agent. Avoid buying from private parties without any Real Estate Offices.

Book the land by placing a small token amount ideally not more than 10% of the total land price.

Newspaper ad is posted in local newspapers listing details of the land.

Identification and demarcation of land is done at this stage and your real estate agent is responsible for accompanying the local Gwadar DCO office representative and the seller party.

A Site Plan of the land is made to provide exact dimensions of the land. A GPS record can also be done to get coordinates to locate the land online.

At this stage your real estate agent will prepare a Biana Agreement and you will be required to pay around 30% of the total price to seller.

Transfer of ownership of land is done at the decided transfer date. Transfer also known as Intiqal is followed by another legal document known as *Registry*. Registry is your ultimate seal of ownership of land. Remaining payment is made to seller at the time of transfer.


There are certain costs involved in all the paperwork, demarcation, GPS, Newspaper ad, DCO Office Fee, Government Taxes and last but not least your agents commission. The total cost varies depending on size of the land.

Physical presence of buyer is not needed to buy land in Gwadar.

Jaidad Group has been actively dealing in Gwadar real estate market and have years of experience. With our expertise and experience, we expedite the whole process and ensure 100% safe and secure investment for our clients.

Feel free to contact me for details.

Ahsen Tauheed

Director – Jaidad Group




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