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Gwadar Industrial Zones Explained – Gwadar Master Plan 2019

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  • October 16, 2019
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The single most defining thing about Gwadar is CPEC and Gwadar Port. Part of CPEC deal is that Gwadar is going to become an industrial city bringing jobs and opportunities for local people and industrialists from all over the world.

Now when the new master plan of Gwadar is available, things are clearer about different industrial lands and their future prospects. In this video I have explained in detail about different types of industrial lands in Gwadar.

Industrial land has been categorized as M1 Industrial Land, M2 Industrial Land and M0 Industrial Land.

This leaves us with questions like; What are the purposes and use of these different categories? Which industries will be installed on these different types of Industrial Lands? How do I know which is better investment? How soon can we expect industrial activities to start in Gwadar?

I have tried to provide answers and information about Gwadar Industrial Land in this video.

Also check out different types of Residential Lands in Gwadar.…

Gwadar Master Plan Free Download…

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