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Future of Housing Societies in Gwadar after New Master Plan

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  • December 2, 2019
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Ever since the new master plan of Gwadar is released, investors in various housing schemes in Gwadar are bit concerned about the future of their investments. Most of the housing projects in Gwadar are not part of the planned area in Gwadar master plan 2019. Even the biggest housing societies in Gwadar that have done some serious development work are falling in Reserve Land 1 category.

Check out my detailed video on Reserve Lands in Gwadar Master Plan

Here are some of the renowned housing projects falling in Reserve Land.

Gwadar Golf City, Green Palms Gwadar, International Port City Gwadar by CPIC, Canadian City, Creek City, Makkah City, Arabian City, Oshun by Eiwan Developers etc…

I have tried to provide answers on investors in this video who are concerned about their investment. Questions like; what are the short term and long term prospects of these housing projects? Are plots in these housing schemes in Gwadar liquid-able? How long before a good return on investment can be earned on these investments? What is Reserve land in Gwadar master plan? and many more such questions.

Check out my detailed video on Gwadar Master Plan 2019

You can download you free copy of Gwadar New Master Plan here.…

For more questions about Gwadar Master Plan and investment guide, please feel free to contact me.



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