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A Brief Review of Gwadar Beach Front Land Investment

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  • October 24, 2019
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Gwadar is known for its beautiful beaches. With CPEC and overall surge of real estate in Gwadar, beach front land and resorts are on every investor’s mind. In this video I have tried to provide a general analysis of Gwadar beach front land investment.

Looking at Gwadar new master plan, its obvious that only East Side Bay in Gwadar is usable for any type of residential or recreational activities making beach front land more scarce and precious.

Gwadar Master Plan Free Download…

Mostly investors who own beach front land in Gwadar are holding to their precious properties as prices can skyrocket within next 5 years time.

Even when there is a land available, its not for everybody because of its size and price. Most Gwadar beach land options are in 5-10 acre sizes with only 1 Acre beach front. Not to mention these land options are very pricey.

Check out this Gwadar beach resort built on 50 Acres land.

There is no housing society offering beach front plots in Gwadar at the moment.

We are about to launch a beach front land project is Mouza Passu on West Side Bay. These will be 500-1000 sq yard plots on installments plan. We expecting to launch the project within a week time.

For more details about Gwadar land investment or Gwadar new master plan, please feel free to contact us.



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