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Gwadar Mouza Jat in Gwadar Master Plan 2019 are like districts we see in other cities of Pakistan. These Mouza Jat set apart Gwadar City in different areas. Mouza Chati Janubi, Chati Shumali, Ankara Janubi, Ankara Shumali, Mouza Shabi and Pishukan are much famous for being located at West Bay Gwadar. Majority of residential schemes are planned at West Bay side of Gwadar.

East Bay Gwadar is a home to industrial and business activities as well as the grand landmark of Gwadar International Airport also falls at East Bay neighboring Industrial zone. Mouza Darbela Shumali, Darbela Janubi, Ziarat Machhi Sharqi and Ziarat Machhi Gharbi are also known much for being surrounded by salient venues in Gwadar such as Gwadar International Airport and Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority (GIEDA).

Mouza Jat don’t only function for the area division of Gwadar but also supportive for the development program of the emerging port city.