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Gwadar Water Pipeline Map gives us understanding about water supply network in the emerging port city. The Water Pipeline Map of Gwadar appears with four indicators which also includes the marking of planning area. Provision of clear water is one of the major issues in Gwadar and this comprehensive water supply program is to sum-up this hassle

Couple of months back, Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal Alyani also did Inauguration of Water Supply Pipeline to deal with this issue. Now this Water Pipeline Map of Gwadar defines the planned water supply system with more details with below given program.

  • Water supply reclaimed water pipeline network
  • Reclaimed Water Plant
  • Pipe Diameters

These details precisely defines each tiny bit of water supply system even the pipe diameter which are planned from 200DN up till 1000DN. The green line indicates water pipeline. You may also notice by zooming in the map that total seven water plants are planned in Gwadar which will be capable of providing multi thousands cubic water each day.