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Gwadar Master Plan Structure Planning Map outlines salient city features and land uses. Structure planning map of Gwadar Master Plan includes Gwadar Port, Gwadar Free Zone, Airport Development Area, Military Land, Higher Education and High-Tech Area, Ecological Buffer Corridors and some other lands zones.

Everything mentioned in the map is somehow understandable excluding Ecological Buffer Corridors. This feature in Gwadar Structure Planning Map requires explanation. Ecological Corridor (EC) is a buffer zone for ecological development, mainly located around the Basin & Nullah land.

Ecological Corridors include areas that are ecologically sensitive and important, such as national parks/marine parks, sanctuaries, reserve forests, wildlife habitats, mangroves, corals/coral reefs, areas close to breeding and spawning grounds of fish and other marine life, areas of outstanding natural beauty/historically/heritage areas, areas rich in genetic diversity, areas likely to be inundated due to rise in sea level consequent upon global warming.